Mark's latest album, released in the Fall of 2009, is called "RELEASE", and was a labour of love for 2 years.  All songs were produced, recorded and performed by Mark at Riveredge Studios (Kitchener), The Swamp (Stratford), and The Blue Loft (Stratford), but mostly in his own studio, known as Synchronous Music (Kitchener).  There are 12 tracks, 11 of which were composed entirely by Mark.  There is one cover song, 'So Into You', released in 1977 by Atlanta Rhythm Section.  Mark sings this song as Carl West in the movie 'Lost In Translation', starring Bill Murray and directed by Sophia Coppola.  There is a tapestry of styles, yet one unique and strong voice that tells the stories revealed in each of these songs.  The musicians and performances are top notch as the album unfolds like a novel you can't put down.


1.   Oh Amy (5:24)
2.   So Into You (3:58)
3.   The Angels' Share (2:56)
4.   Sweet Marie (3:18)
5.   No Way Out (5:41)
6.   This House (3:20)
7.   Wish You Well (4:02)
8.   Deadline (6:07)
9.   Please Forgive Me (4:56)
10.  One Thing True (4:42)
11.   Coming Home (4:51)
12.  The Party's Over (3:34)

Art and layup design by Dan Gottfried and Susan Sinclair

Brian Doerner and Steve Hogg on bass at Riveredge Recordings


Stories My Piano Told Me

Released in 2004, this is a collection of original solo piano recordings.  The liner notes include the following quote:  "The piano is, in essence, a well-crafted collection of wood, steel and wires, with black and white keys.  Just playing these keys in the right order is not enough.  Evoking emotion and delicate nuance from this beast is the bridge between one's spirit and the machine.  A song, simply played on the piano, can actually bring out a wide range of feelings, just by listening to the music.  I believe that this is one of life's greatest miracles and mysteries.  Music that is improvised comes directly from the heart and mind and is not encumbered by too much analysis or theory.  This connection between the soul, the brain, and modern technology has enabled me to record this collection of songs created specifically for the piano.  Some songs were completely improvised and some were the product of a more cerebral process.  All the music contained on this CD seemed to come to me as if the piano was telling me stories and guided my finger to the tales contained somewhere in those black and white keys."


1.   Flying (3:40)
2.   A Step Towards (3:56)
3.   My Favourite Place (2:09)
4.   Sweet Sorrow (5:15)
5.   Walk the Walk (3:44)
6.   Into the Sky (7:01)
7.   Taken Back (2:03)
8.   Weaving Worries (2:34)
9.   The Storm Has Passed (3:45)
10.  Creatures (3:46)
11.  Thoughts Out (2:52)
12.  Love For Granted (5:11)
13.  Dream Seven Times (10:17)

These albums are available to order from this website, at CDbaby and can be digitally downloaded at the itunes store.  Some examples of these songs are available at my Myspace website.  Please contact me for more information, or for direct ordering.
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