Mark Willms


...has been singing and playing piano for over 50 years; professionally for more than 40, yet is only 55 years young. Look for him as 'Carl West' in Sophia Coppola's Oscar winning movie, "LOST IN TRANSLATION", starring Bill Murray. He sings "So Into You" in a pivotal scene, and provides all the piano tracks for the bar scenes throughout the movie.

Here's a picture on the set of 'Lost In Translation' with my pal Bill Murray


His current live projects include the Mark Willms Band, and the Lulu's Band, along with countless solo gigs. He took the early months of 2009 off from touring to focus on his new CD, called "RELEASE", recorded at Riveredge Recordings and Synchronous Music (Mark's own studio).  It was mixed and mastered by Dave Kalmusky, of Stratford Ontario, Canada, and is now available on itunes, CDbaby, and at He is also busy in his Pro Tools Mac-based studio, specializing in piano and vintage synth production, along with singing and songwriting.

Mark at piano in Hong Kong

He acquired a B.A. music (composition major) at Wilfrid Laurier University (Waterloo, Ont) in 1981 and has played virtually every style imaginable. In 1988 he joined Lulu's Roadhouse Band, the house band at Lulu's in Kitchener Ont., which, up to the year 2000, was the world's longest and largest bar. Mark has toured with Canadian country legends George Fox, Jason McCoy as well as Diane Chase, John Landry, Beverly Mahood and many others. Mark has also performed with Bjorn Again and in piano bars all over the world including Hong Kong, Dubai, Switzerland, Tokyo, and Canada.

Mark on stage with Jackie Cheung in Hong Kong

Mark spent a year living in Hong Kong and touring the world playing multi synthesizers for Chinese Canto-pop super-star Jackie Cheung (look for him in his "Live In Hong Kong '99" DVD).

Winter 2013, this is the top of the many mountains around Seoul, S Korea.  The hiking there is world class.


Mark currently resides in Kitchener, and entertains all over Ontario, from Muskoka to Windsor.   Using his powerful voice and impressive keyboard skills, he can read a room and play exactly the right thing at the right time.   It's a skill that comes with playing in front of millions of people, under countless situations, spanning 6 decades.  Mark has travelled to many incredible places, all over the world, including New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong and many others.  He has lived for months in these amazing places, not just days or weeks, giving him a unique perspective on the world.  His songwriting reflects this, as his album 'Release', is an ecclectic mix of styles and messages.  New recordings are on the horizon, as are many new live projects.  Mark's story is rich and complex, with many highs and lows, and his passion for life is evident is his live performances.  Thanks for supporting live music.


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