What people are saying about his live solo performances:

At a theatre organ while on tour in the USA with 'Bjorn Again', c2007


"Mark and I met at the Park Hyatt in Seoul when he put on a legendary show for me and my friends. He is an incredible singer, piano player, but most importantly entertainer. Including the classics, he even played Lady Gaga for us after we watched the Asia launch concert."

"It was an amazing experience enjoy your music and all the talent that was in the room that night. I've listened to your cd as well as read the lyrics. You are truly inspired."

- James Jen of Shanghai, China


"Hi,ParkHyatt Seoul! This is again Aleksei Korshunov,stayed at the hotel in May, 2012.

This is one more letter of gratitude.  This time I want to say ''thank you'' to the Timber bar pianist Mark Willms.  Myself and my wife spent many nights at the bar listening and enjoying this musician.  Immaculate choice of the repertoire and stunning performance.  A real ARTIST.  Thanks a lot. Got a real pleasure."

Aleksei and Tanya Korshunov, from Russia.


Backed up Ian Thomas (Centre) along with the late great Dave Cooper a couple of years ago.  One of the greatest nights of my life.



A few words about Mark Willms "Release" album:

"Love the music ...Oh Amy is something special!"

".....Mark really hits the heights of songwriting here, put this together with the warm spirit that shines onstage and people will be talking!"

"Just like the man himself who from Courtenay British Columbia to Canso Nova Scotia always impressed with his delivery onstage and in studio, this CD is a gem!"

George Fox
....toured across Canada with Mark for 5 years

"...I just want to say, you are the living embodiment of all us folks out there who love music and are passionate about it, but haven't the balls to get out there and make a full time commitment to it. I salute you.  It's what I wished I could have done years ago. So lap it up, take it in, and be proud of it, my friend, because you deserve it, and it's been a pleasure to listen to the results of your hard work and sweat and perspiration..."

- Mark Pettigrew (Owner Casablanca Bookshop, Kitchener, ON, Canada)

About the show, Nov 19th, 2009, Registry Theatre, Kitchener, ON:

"Fabulous!  That is what you were tonight Mark! Kudos to you and the band for an amazing evening."

- Nancy Croth, banker (ret.) & certified BodyTalk Practitioner

"Great show last night!  The last time I saw you perform was about 25 years ago at the Holiday Inn on Fairway Road.  Since then you've become a world class entertainer.  I always knew you could sing, play, and write, and now you're a master of all three.  Like you said last night, you've paid a lot of dues, but your hard work and dedication really shows in your performance.  Excellent band too!"

- Jim Goodwin (drummer, Kitchener, ON)



On stage with George Fox, Airdrie, Alberta, along with Ian Tanner, 2004


This poster appeared on an elevator in the Crowne Plaza in Dubai in 2006.  Mark has worked with Donna Robbins, of Buffalo NY, in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Dubai.

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